About Us

Who We Are

Elyria Church is positioned in the heart of the city of Elyria. We are a group of people who are real with real lives and real highs and lows that we deal with on a consistent basis like most people, but because of Jesus we have found stability and purpose.

We exist as a church family to walk with each other in life’s situations, to worship our incredible God together, and to witness lives changed.

We are all about teaching who Jesus is through the bible and through history. We are about living out who God created us to be with purpose. We are about praying, loving God, worshipping Him, and loving Elyria.

Meet The Team

Josh Hargis

Lead Pastor

Sarah Winfree

Director of Ministries

Brittany Gradisek

Worship Leader & Administrative Assistant

Roy Rodriguez


Grant Gradisek

Director of Student Ministries

Mark Roach

Head of Security & Operations Assistant

Debra Gullion

Nursery Director

George Hollingsworth

Media Assistant

Joel Smith

Media Assistant