Adult Classes

Knowing God and our Purpose

Life Groups

A great place to grow in our knowledge and faith with a community. We have discovered that humans were created for connection and in a small group of people we have the opportunity to connect with each other as we all are desiring to know God better and faithfully follow Jesus in a difficult world.

We meet at 5:30pm on Sundays.
If you are interested in attending please contact Pastor Josh at the church office.

Genesis to Jesus

This course is to explain why Jesus is important. Many believe that Jesus is important or have heard that Jesus is important but have never fully known why. The ultimate reason the bible exists is to show that God has always been pursuing the rescue of humanity from the self-destructing desires that we so often give into which inevitably hurt others and ourselves. Jesus, the Savior of humanity, was the perfect partner of God who brought a solution.

This is a 15-week course that is offered at a convenient time in the fall and will be announced in the regular church service. Contact the Director of Ministries at the church office to inquire about this study group.

One on One Discipleship

This is place to start a conversation about where you are in following Jesus. Our Lead Pastor, Joshua, schedules in home bible studies or coffee shop appoints, usually for 6 visits, to assist individuals or couples in their unique individual journey of being a follower of Jesus.

You can schedule this intimate time of conversation by contacting Pastor Josh at the church office.


Continue is a 14-week course that will bring clarity to who God is, what Jesus is doing, what church is, and how to continue following the Lord. The student has 5 devotionals each week to help them pursuing God on a regular basis. The book also has bible reading schedules and a quick reference guide to find scriptures on specific topics.

To inquire about this course please contact the Director of Ministries at the church office.